Sencha world


When we try to describe Sencha in one word, we should say it is the “most popular Japanese tea” in regard to production methods and flavors. Sencha is produced by steaming fresh tea leaves just picked from the garden and kneading the tea leaves to dry out the water. It has a perfect balance of flavor, scent and bitterness. You can drink Sencha when you want to give yourself a break, treat your visitors nicely, or eat your meals. Green tea is consumed by Japanese people at various scenes in their daily life and Sencha might be a perfect choice for you to drink casually.
Also, green tea has a lot of healthy components said to be good for your body such as catechin and theanine which are believed to have preventive effects for lifestyle-related diseases.

Green tea also has plenty of beta-carotene, vitamin E & C, and various minerals in it. Green tea is now recognized as a “super drink” with lots of health benefits and you probably now feel that you want to drink green tea every day. Green tea has recently become a popular drink that celebrities all over the world are choosing and drinking. High quality Sencha is called Gyokuro, which has a distinctive character. Gyokuro is produced with fresh tea leaves grown by blocking the sunlight. Gyokuro is the highest quality tea with strong Umami flavors and less bitterness.

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