Invitation to Matcha


Matcha is well known as a special tea for the tea ceremony. Recently Matcha is used for new types of sweets or drinks such as Matcha smoothies. Still, some of you might say, “I cannot really tell the difference between Matcha and Sencha”. Both of them are Japanese teas in the general meaning but the methods of how to process them (Grown under sunlight or not. Tea leaves are milled or not) and how to prepare them (to make tea) are different. You pour hot water when you make Sencha while you whip the tea with a bamboo whisk following the specific manner of the tea ceremony when you prepare Matcha.

In particular, Matcha grown in the Uji area is called Uji Matcha. We offer various grades of Uji Matcha with regard to purpose or quality. We have Uji Matcha with a wide range of flavors from bitter to sweet. We also have Uji Matcha of commercial quality for mass orders and excellent quality Matcha of a rare kind milled by a stone mill. We have various kinds of Uji Matcha for people including those who are learning the tea ceremony or those who simply want to enjoy the flavor of the tea. We can meet any kind of need from our customers. Another big benefit of Matcha is that you can get all the healthy components as you are drinking Matcha by practically dissolving all the tea leaves in hot water.

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