Ujitawara Tea Factory


Ujitawara town is one of the leading tea producing areas in Japan. Ujitawara’s tea producing factory was established in 1926 in a scenic place where thick fog through from the Uji river protects the tea leaves from frost or direct sunshine. We carry out thorough quality control by purchasing only selected tea leaves, having our tea master Noriaki Yasui check the flavor, and applying our special blending process. We are not only producing the green tea at our factory, but also selling our Japanese green tea by mail order. We handle several hundred tons of green tea annually and have the capacity to meet large demand from overseas.

tea praducing factory

We are very pleased to learn that there are a lot of people who have been choosing and drinking our green tea over 90 years. We believe we are blessed by environmental factors but that is not all. We also think we are very lucky that we could inherit mastery of green tea from tea farmers and tea masters from the old days. One mastery we inherited is called the “Ooishita Saibai” or “Covering Cultivation” method, which was first invented around the 16th century. That is a cultivation method with which we cover the tea garden with a reed blanket just before cultivation time.
Blocking the sunlight, we can produce brighter and much tastier green tea. As a group of tea specialists, we will be delivering high-quality green tea that we are improving even further with our revolutionary time-honored methods.

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